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The crowd chuckles at a funny line. Jillia claps her hands with glee. Photo by Caylin.

Our book launch party was a stunning success! We packed Boneshaker Books for the unveiling of Fannie and Freddie. Connie and Caylin shared their stories of fighting their foreclosures, grounding us in why we do this work; we shared our collaborative illustration process; and of course, we read the book. Together we explored the housing crisis in incisive, whimsical rhyme. Our audience of about 50 people loved it, and almost everyone left with a book.

“Woody Guthrie said anybody can make something complicated, but it takes a genius to make it simple,” said one audience member. “And that’s really what you guys have done here.”

Books are available here at We’ll also be selling them at Occupy Homes MN meetings and events.

Becky reads aloud from the book. Connie’s original Homeville is in the background. Photo by Caylin.

Book release party Friday!

Nothing is official until it is spelled out in Scrabble tiles.

Yes, it’s true! We are having a book release party and you’re invited!

Here are the details:

Friday, October 19, 7 pm

Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis

We will have a reading, refreshments, and music. We will hear a poem from a child affected by the foreclosure crisis. And we will of course be selling books.

Link to event on Boneshaker website:

Link to Facebook event:

If you don’t know where Boneshaker Books is, here is a handy pictoral diagram:

This type of pictoral diagram is also known as a photo.

Here is a verbal description, if you are a verbal person: Boneshaker Books is located in the Seward neighborhood on the corner of Franklin Street East and 23rd Avenue South, but on the 23rd Ave side of the corner.

Finally, here is a map, if you find maps useful for helping you locate things:

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If there is any mode of communication I have forgotten to advise you on the location of Boneshaker Books, please let me know in the comments!

Fannie and Freddie at the St. Paul Art Crawl

Corrupt banking practices keep Jillia up at night. It doesn’t help that her pillow (designed by Connie) has a foreclosure map of Minneapolis all over it. Photo by Ryan.

Connie, who designed Homeville in the book, has a foreclosure exhibit at the St. Paul Art Crawl this weekend. One exhibit, called “The American Nightmare,” is a bed with a foreclosure map pillow. Jillia, the performance artist, quickly turned it into an interactive piece, complete with “Fannie and Freddie” bedtime story.

You can check out Connie’s art exhibit in Umbrella Tree Studios at 106 W. Water Street, St. Paul, MN! 12-8 Saturday, 12-5 Sunday.

“Fannie and Freddie” Visit Their Namesakes in DC

When people from around the country fighting Fannie and Freddie foreclosure gathered to protest in DC, Becky read aloud from the book on Ed DeMarco’s lawn. Photo by Anthony.

On September 27, Fannie and Freddie foreclosure fighters from around the country gathered to protest at Fannie Mae headquarters in Washington, D.C., Freddie Mac headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and Ed DeMarco’s house in Silver Spring, Maryland. Ed DeMarco is the acting head of FHFA, which oversees Fannie and Freddie, and has personally stood in the way of a number of policy changes that would help homeowners in foreclosure.

Becky brought copies of the book along and read an excerpt to the crowd during a pizza party on Ed DeMarco’s lawn, where we made some of our first sales.

In the Twin Cities, you can join us for the book release party at Boneshaker Books, October 19 at 7 pm! More details here.

Our friends from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta enjoy pizza on the lawn of the acting director of FHFA. Then they took home some books. Photo by Anthony.


Books are here!

“Fannie and Freddie” captures its first audience–the illustrators! From left to right, Connie, Dan, Caylin, Kat. Photo by Becky.

The books are here! We think they look great! It’s incredible that we were able to harness the talent of so many people to produce such a good product so quickly. Tonight the illustrators came over for a party in Becky’s hallway to appreciate the finished product and eat snacks. We are really excited to share them with you! Stay tuned for details about a book release party in the Minneapolis area. We will soon be selling them all over the area and beyond. Meanwhile you can purchase a copy here.