The crowd chuckles at a funny line. Jillia claps her hands with glee. Photo by Caylin.

Our book launch party was a stunning success! We packed Boneshaker Books for the unveiling of Fannie and Freddie. Connie and Caylin shared their stories of fighting their foreclosures, grounding us in why we do this work; we shared our collaborative illustration process; and of course, we read the book. Together we explored the housing crisis in incisive, whimsical rhyme. Our audience of about 50 people loved it, and almost everyone left with a book.

“Woody Guthrie said anybody can make something complicated, but it takes a genius to make it simple,” said one audience member. “And that’s really what you guys have done here.”

Books are available here at We’ll also be selling them at Occupy Homes MN meetings and events.

Becky reads aloud from the book. Connie’s original Homeville is in the background. Photo by Caylin.

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